Litigation Support

The Principal architect of Architectural Network, Inc., Mark Lopez AIA LEED AP, has extensive experience in Litigation Support, providing these services:
Case/Document Review
Early review of the issues and the relevant documents is crucial in determining the proper strategy for approaching a case. This includes a review of all contracts, written correspondence, the opposing parties' promotional materials, the regulations pertaining to the issue, and verbal communications. Although this service can be very instrumental in the success of your case, it should in no way substitute the legal opinion and guidance of a qualified Attorney.
Forensic Analysis
These services include on-site review of problem conditions to ascertain the proximate cause of the damage(s). Detailed records are taken of the observed conditions. Coordination with Architects of Record, Contractors and Testing Lab service providers (if necessary) is also included. When requested, a report of our findings and recommendations can be prepared.
Hearing Graphics
Clear Informational Charts, Drawings, and Lists are extremely valuable to emphasize and provide clarity to the testimony and evidence. Part of the responsibility of the team is to educate and convince the Judge, Jury or Arbitrator of the merits of the case. All too often, the "trier of fact" is not versed in the details and processes of the Construction Industry, its various terms, or the Standards of Care.
Expert Testimony:
Please visit the Expert Witness tab under "Our Services".